What plants to choose for your bedroom?

15 March 2017

In terms of decor, plants are an item that can quickly make all the difference. The extensive variety available with exotic flowers, colourful leaves look amazing but can be difficult to keep to say the least. But no excuse: there are also plants very easy to maintain, which are also very pretty without requiring a PhD in botany!

For our first article in this series, I invite you to discover which plants to put in the one room of the house where we often hesitate to put them: The bedroom.

What plants to choose for your bedroom?

Despite what many think, having plants in your bedroom is not necessarily harmful, quite the contrary! Provided you choose the right type and do not turn your bedroom into a jungle.

Indeed, it is often said that the having plants next to your bed is a bad idea, because of the products of photosynthesis, they release CO2 at night. But in reality, the CO2 released is in very small quantities, much less a human or even a pet!
During the day as long as you open your curtains and shutters, plants will renew the oxygen in the room and even clean the air.
If you’re still not convinced, you can even opt for cacti and succulents that have a reverse cycle: these plants release CO2 day and oxygen at night!

However, you should take into account the brightness of your room, as well as its temperature. Some varieties of plants do not appreciate the lack of sun or being in a too confined atmosphere.

The Cactus :

cactus plants

So yes, these plants are known for their strength and their ability to live their little lives quietly even if you forget to water them, but beware, they are not indestructible either. If you tend to overwater your plants as is my case, you could soon see your cactus lose its aesthetics, and for good reason: it may rot from the roots! They prefer very infrequent watering, rather than regularly in small quantities.
In addition to restoring oxygen at night unlike most houseplants, it is rumored cacti also “absorb” the waves generated by our electrical appliances. Whether this statement is true or false is difficult to be sure of because the opinions on the issue are contradictory, but it does not cost much to try!
Also be aware if you have young children or animals they might be unpleasantly surprised if they come into close contact with them, their needles can be rather sharp. We install our cactus a little higher in the bedroom if this is the case, for example on a shelf, when the bedside table is too risky.

The Sansevieria trifasciata :

snake plants

Also known as mother-in-laws tongue or a snake-plant because of its long leaves, this succulent is deemed invincible! Although it loves the sun, it will adapt, and can survive when you forget to water it. But be careful not to let water stagnate in the roots, it would be a fatal mistake.

If you enjoyed this article, find more ideas on how to incorporate plants into your home through our dedicated Pinterest board.

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