10 October 2016

When it’s a sunny day, we want to fill the house with all the vibrant colours that we see outdoors, and what better way than to do just that and put flowers all around the house? A beautiful bouquet of flowers on the coffee table always does the trick, but unfortunately it never lasts very long. So I wanted to find an alternative which was super simple, durable and most importantly, very pretty!

On #MilibooDay, which was held at the Milibootik on Thursday 16th of June, I hosted a workshop with DIY bloggers, and I recommend that you also learn how to make these quick and easy, beautiful paper poppies!


Paper Poppies:

Coquelicots en papier 1


You will need:

    – Scissors
    – Superglue
    – Fake flower stems (metal works best)
    – Red tissue paper
    – Pliers (if the stem is thin and easy to bend, these aren’t necessary)


Step 1:

Firstly, cut two circles in the red tissue paper. Don’t panic, they do not have to be perfect or the same size so you can do it freehandedly.

Top tip: To make more poppies, more quickly, you can fold the paper several times and then cut though all the layers to make more circles with a single cut!

Coquelicots en papier 2

Coquelicots en papier 3


Step 2:

With your pliers (or bare hands if possible) form a small hoop at one end of your metal stem. This will be the heart of your poppy.

Coquelicots en papier 4


Step 3:

With the other end of your stem, pierce through the middle of two of your round pieces of tissue paper. Once again, you do not need precision here, so don’t bother getting out your ruler to find the exact center. On the contrary, if it is irregular and uneven, it will give a more realistic look to your flower.

Coquelicots en papier 5

Coquelicots en papier 6


Step 4:

Put some super glue onto to loop of the stem that you made earlier. And push the petals up the stem until they stick to the glue. All you need to do now is fold the petals upwards and crease them to make them look more realistic.

Coquelicots en papier 7

Coquelicots en papier 8


And there you go, it’s up to you to see if you want a single poppy in a vase, a pretty bouquet or a whole poppy field!

Coquelicots en papier 9

Coquelicots en papier 10


For even more DIY ideas, visit our DIY Pinterest page! There is always something to be inspired by!

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